Homeowner Warranty Request Form

To comply with the terms of your warranty, as well as for reasons of accuracy, all non-emergency items for which you request service must be reported in writing. Under no circumstances may we accept reports of routine warranty items via telephone.

For your convenience, please use the Homeowner’s Warranty Request form below to submit your request electronically. This form also allows you to upload as many as five photos to supplement your written request. Please use the links at the bottom of this page to download a Warranty Service Request Form (PDF) and either fax or mail it to the appropriate property.

When submitting a Homeowner Warranty Request Form, we can serve you better if you include the following:

Phone numbers where you can be reached during business hours
Provide a detailed description of the problem, for example, “Hall bath – cold water line leaks under sink,” instead of, “Plumbing problem in bathroom.”

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All service requests are subject to the terms and conditions of the limited warranty provided to you.

Upon receipt of a Warranty Service Request Form, we will contact you for an inspection appointment.

  • Appointments are available Monday through Friday, 8am to 2pm
  • The items listed in your written request will be inspected to determine appropriate action

Completion of service items can be expected within 15 days of the Warranty Service Order issue date, unless you are notified otherwise.

To mail or fax in your Warranty Service Request Form, please download below and send to:

Morningside Group
223 W Erie Street
3rd Floor
Chicago, IL 60610

Or fax: 312.280.5353

Emergency Service

Emergencies, as defined by the Warranty, include:

  • Total loss of heat
  • Total loss of electricity
  • Plumbing leak that threatens to damage property and cannot be temporarily cured by shutting off the fixture’s valve
  • Total loss of hot water
  • Total sewage stoppage
  • Roof leak
  • Any other situation that endangers the occupants or the residence itself

Kitchen Appliance Warranties

The manufacturers of your kitchen appliances will work directly with you if any repairs are needed for these products. Customer service phone numbers are listed in the use and care materials for the individual appliances. To obtain service, you will need to provide the model and serial number of the item and the closing date of your home. Appliance warranties generally extend for one year from the date of closing. You should refer to the literature provided by the manufacturer for complete information.

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