Fort Sheridan Place Wins Prestigious Awards

Highwood’s New Fort Sheridan Place Wins Prestigious Awards for Excellence

Highwood, IL- November 1, 2011- During tough economic times beautification is found along the Northshore in unexpected places. It can be as simple as Highland Park’s unique artistically painted butterfly sculptures hidden in trees (The Art Center) or as dramatic as Highwood’s newest 3-building luxury apartment redevelopment (Ft. Sheridan Place). Both the butterfly sculptures and this new rental property are examples of unexpected and exceptional improvements from which the whole community can benefit.

In fact, Ft. Sheridan Place is now recognized beyond the Northshore by the influential Chicago Apartment Association (CAA), with multiple industry ‘CAMME’ awards.  Presented last Friday at their 19th annual dinner of 1,000 professionals resulted in a trifecta win for the Morningside Group in all nominated categories; Property ExcellenceInterior Unit Renovation and the Exterior Renovation Awards.

“With Ft. Sheridan Place, the process of getting to this point of recognition, has not been easy so these awards really mean a great deal to the Morningside Group – we are honored.   Our management leaders, Melissa Pittman, Ron Wetzel and Eric Slavik did an exceptional job”, said David Strosberg, President of Morningside Group.

Mr. Strosberg’s personal journey with this redevelopment began in 2009 when he quietly identified this lost property and within a 3 year period carefully swooped in and completely restored the 252-unit multi-family property now known as Ft. Sheridan Place Luxury Rentals. Looking back, what emerged from this effort is what many would call a ‘miracle’.  Surprisingly, and hidden at first from David, was extreme turmoil among elected officials which resulted in a fluttering of staff turnovers – City Managers, City Clerks, Assistant City Manager, City Attorney, Police Chief and Fire Chief. Many changes for a community of only 5,000!   City staff throughout this process was helpful but elected leadership waned, which at times became problematic to forward movement.

Growing pains in a small community are expected but the obstacles in this municipality took me by surprise”, said David.

Despite complications of resistance resulting in litigation over obstructed building permits and excessive water rates,  Ft. Sheridan Place has succeeded and taken flight with +90% occupancy – isn’t that the bottom line?  The change has occurred and it’s hard to argue with progress that has been embraced by the new residents. After all, who can disagree with brand new exteriors and interiors plus 3 new fitness centers and convenient new storage and bike rooms – just a few of the amenities worth noting.

It’s now a property aligned with the many great changes that have been going on in Highwood for the past 5 years.

Aside from the beautiful, bright 3-story atrium at each building entrance, new amenities inside every home feature cherry cabinets, granite countertops and all new appliances.  These touches make this luxury rental a showplace for the Northshore.

“Being a resident of Highland Park, I know firsthand how terrific this location is. It’s hard to not appreciate the beauty of being just blocks from Lake Michigan or the great dining for which Highwood is known. We are thrilled to have added such a needed property to this ‘gem’ of a location”, said Strosberg.

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