David Strosberg: Loving his job no matter what “hat” he wears

David Strosberg’s career started in the construction industry. When he was 19, Strosberg started a sprinkler irrigation contracting business. During that period, he attended college and also focused on becoming a licensed architect. After an architectural apprenticeship, Strosberg returned to the construction business, this time working for a general contractor and construction manager.

“I love creating buildings whether as an architect, contractor, or developer,” said Strosberg, President & Managing Principal of Morningside Group. “The urban landscape is just as beautiful to me as Yellowstone Park. I consider Chicago the architecture capital of the world.”

“Creating buildings is the most rewarding part of my job,” he continued. “Seeing the meticulous details come together is like an enjoyable puzzle for me. It’s very gratifying to know that at the end of the project, we’ve created something that contributes to the community.”


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