About Morningside Group

Morningside Group does more than just develop properties – it builds communities in sought-after cities throughout the Midwest. The firm draws upon more than two decades of upscale development experience to create exciting infill and mixed-use properties that merge consumer understanding with an urban planner’s vision to create longstanding community resources.

The diversity of Morningside’s portfolio has given the company broad experience in a wide variety of real estate sectors. The firm has developed multi-family communities, retail centers, office space, museums, public transportation facilities, parking structures, and public plazas. Morningside is uniquely equipped to manage the entire project, from planning, financing, design, construction, marketing, and ongoing property management. As a result of this vertically-integrated approach, Morningside properties are built with the highest levels of sustained quality, and developed to complement the communities they are in.

David Strosberg, the firm’s President and CEO, built a diverse career in real estate before founding Morningside in 1993. He is passionate about tapping the hidden potential of cities and building active communities with his developments. A licensed architect, David brings an urban planner’s vision and an original, creative aesthetic to every Morningside project. David is known for his foresight and ingenuity in resolving the multiple layers of a project’s planning and development. As entitlements and financing become more complex, Mr. Strosberg sorts through the intricacies to deliver high-quality developments to broad markets—without compromising design, environmental, economic or place-making objectives.

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